Ava Lounge

ava loungeWho can resist a bar with an awesome view? Even if you have to put up with a vanilla crowd and 7 dls beers, you still get one of the best sights in town: the sparkling lights of Times Square without even having to set a foot there. It’s even better in the summer when they open up the rooftop. Let’s put it this way the Ava Lounge is the perfect place to take your out-of-town sorta wannabe friends. (common, everyone has at least one of those, no not the NJ ones) You know, the ones that watch ALL the VH1 reality shows and think that visiting New York entitles them to a celebrity spotting at the Red Lobster. (Wow, that was mean. Actually, I devour R.L.’s cheese biscuits) Anyways, they’re our friends and we love ‘em. So impress them with the Ava Lounge, after all they can’t tell that the neo Miami Beach 70ts/mod decor is kinda played out. Hey with a view like this and friends like this, what really matters is really what only matters: good intentions and good times!

Hours: Sun-Tue, 5pm-2am; Wed, 5pm-3am; Fri-Sat, 5pm-4a

@ the Dream Hotel 210 W. 55th St., Penthouse,at Broadway 10019 212-956-7020

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