Spuyten Duyvil

2spuytenduyvilNamed after an area known as the spinning devil. The legend goes something like this:

Peter Stuyvesant, then Governor of New Amsterdam, got wind that the British Navy was going to invade the city. He dispatched Anthony Von Corlaer  to ride up to the northern most point of Manhattan Island and blow his trumpet, (as means to summon the people). As he neared the shores, where the Hudson meets the Harlem River, Anthony couldn’t cross. When he called out to the ferry on the other side, no one answered. He decided then, to swim across the treacherous span of water. Halfway across, legend has it that the devil pulled Anthony under and while he was able to escape his grasp, he was too tired to continue swimming and drowned there… in spite of the devil. From then on, the little area in the Bronx, where Anthony would have come to shore is called Spuyten Duyvil.

Well, this bar is quite far from the original Spuyten Duyvil, but you can certainly get caught up in its rare beer selection (over over 100 types of beer, just don’t drown please). Although it is in Williamsburg the vibe feels more Park Slope. The outdoor terrace is one of the nicest and biggest in nyc.

Hours: Sun-Thu, 5pm-2am; Fri-Sat, 5pm-4am

359 Metropolitan Ave., nr. Havemeyer St., Brooklyn, NY 11211  718-963-4140

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