Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

3bohemianhallbeergardenOnce there were hundreds of Beer Gardens in the city, but now of the originals, only the Bohemian Hall remains. In 1906, the Sovak family, together with the Bohemian Citizens Benevolent Society (which had been founded in 1892), purchased three parcels of farmland along 24th Avenue in Astoria, Queens. The two-story Bohemian Hall was completed in 1911. It is still the central gathering spot for Astoria’s Czech and Slovak community and hosts several festivals during the summer.  A must see place; you have to visit it at least once to drink a pint of light beer, Staropramen or the dark Brouczech and enjoy some sausages!

Cash Only

Hours: Mon-Fri, 5pm-1am; Sat-Sun, noon-3am

29-19 24th Ave., nr. 29th Ave.,  Queens, NY 11102    718-274-4925


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