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The Ace Hotel Lobby Bar

It seems that all the hot bars are now in hotels or call themselves hotels or inns (see earlier posts). Maybe it’s a good thing to have beds in such proximity to drunkenness (or maybe not, insert your most awful one-night stand story here). Well, now we can add the Ace bar/hotel to the list, which was previously an SRO (a homeless housing program) in the old Breslin hotel and now home to the hot restaurant with the same name (more on that to come). Beers are tad pricey at $7-8. But the rooms are pretty inexpensive (for NYC) starting at $170. So finally, a hip hotel hip middle class people can afford -a noble cause no doubt, almost as noble as housing for the homeless. As for the bar, rather being the typical trendy uptight hotel bar trying really hard to seem laid-back, this one is the real thing, the crowd and staff are actually relaxed. Plus, there is free wifi for “guests”, a nice alternative to Starfucks.

Hours: daily: 12 am to 4 am

20 W 29th St, nr, Broadway,  NY 10001 tel. (212) 679-2222

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230 Fifth

230 fifth goodYou know how there are places you are really curious about and have to see for yourself, despite your better judgment? 230 fifth is just that type of place. On top of what was once the Victoria hotel, 20 floors up, in the first level of the club there is a lounge that is as big as it is cheesy. Then on the rooftop is a spacious and very green open air space. This is much better, yet the shrubs lining the surrounding walls obscure a bit of the view. This place is like an outdated Meat Packing joint, all flash and no class. Even the waitress begrudgingly know this (maybe that’s why they are so cranky). The only way to enjoy the view is if you come early (5ish), plus this way you hardly have to deal with the obnoxious doorman (don´t say i didn’t warn you).

Hours: Daily, 4pm-4am

230 Fifth Ave., 20th fl, at 27th St., NY 10001   212-725-4300

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Lillie'sA self described Irish-Victorian bar with a wide range of whiskeys and 25 beers on tap and decent pub grub. Lillie wears a lot of hats; playing the roll of scenesters lounge, sports bar (soccer and rugby) and office workers tavern. Mostly it comes across having a 90ts feel. (the music here helps to reinforce this) The bar is named after Lillie Langtry (1853-1929), an actress model, mistress of the future king of England and Oscar Wilde’s muse. She moved to America in 1887 to become and entrepreneur and society hostess. Following her trail, the owners brought the pub’s antique bar and furniture over from a Victorian mansion in Belfast. I don’t know if that was necessary, from the looks of the bar (which some say is borderline tacky, I personally do like it) they could have faked it and you probably couldn’t tell the difference. That said, Lillie’s is a nice option (the kitchen closes till 4 a.m.) in a rather bland part of town.

Hours: Daily, 11am -4am

13 E. 17th St, nr. Fifth Ave,  10003   212-337-1970

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