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JG Melon

jg melonThis place was opened in 1932 and was originally called Bar Central, prior to that it was a speakeasy. Then owners Jack and George took it over in 1972 and it quickly became a preppy mecca. Soon the parents of these prepsters started going too, on account of the bar’s quirky decor (everywhere you look there is a painting of a melon.) Then it got to the point that the Kennedys were coming and then, none other that Grace Kelly ended up kicking back a Heineken at the bar, while waiting an hour for a table. To this day, although less, celebrities like Seinfeld keep on coming for the famed burgers and Bloody Marys. So if you hear someone say “look at those melons” you can be sure it’s a preppy’s sad attempt to be funny.

Cash Only

Hours: Daily, 11:30am-2:30am

1291 Third Ave., at 74th St., NY 10021    212-744-0585

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The Auction House

Picture 2if you ever find yourself in the UES on a weekend night, you’ll be thankful to have this place in your arsenal. It’s not that this bar deserves a trip to the UES, but in the midst 99.4% of the surrounding bars, which are either frat or preppy (depending on how many drinks you or they have had) Auction House is a total oasis. Sorta reminds you of a 90ts bar circa Dawson’s Creek. Good for taking a date. Think R.E.M. and you are practically there.

The bar enforces a strict no-fur policy.

The bar is  ages 25-and-up only on weekends.

Hours: Daily, 7:30pm-4am

300 E. 89th St.,at Second Ave.  10128   212-427-4458

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