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Hudson Terrace

1hudsonterrNew York Mag says it’s Miami on the Hudson, while the venue on its website describes itself  as Plam Springs inspired. I am just gonna call it as I see it, which is just plain tacky. It is like the 230 Fifth of the Westside; a rooftop garden with a nice view, a cheesy lounge downstairs, a sleazy doorman, bored waitresses in skimpy dresses and long lines after 1o pm. And hell, here the view is only nice if you look west towards the water (the aircraft carrier Intrepid is docked right bellow). If you must go, do it prior to 8, which is when the happy hour ends and before the crowd regulars have crossed over the Lincoln Tunnel.

Happy Hour: Tue-Fri, 5pm-10pm; 2 for 1 speciality drinks and Bud Lights

Hours: Tue-Fri, 5pm-4am; Sat 9pm-4am; Sun, 2pm-9pm (brunch)

621 West 46th st nr. Eleventh Ave. 212-315-9400

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230 Fifth

230 fifth goodYou know how there are places you are really curious about and have to see for yourself, despite your better judgment? 230 fifth is just that type of place. On top of what was once the Victoria hotel, 20 floors up, in the first level of the club there is a lounge that is as big as it is cheesy. Then on the rooftop is a spacious and very green open air space. This is much better, yet the shrubs lining the surrounding walls obscure a bit of the view. This place is like an outdated Meat Packing joint, all flash and no class. Even the waitress begrudgingly know this (maybe that’s why they are so cranky). The only way to enjoy the view is if you come early (5ish), plus this way you hardly have to deal with the obnoxious doorman (don´t say i didn’t warn you).

Hours: Daily, 4pm-4am

230 Fifth Ave., 20th fl, at 27th St., NY 10001   212-725-4300

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Hotel on Rivington Rooftop bar

rivington goodThis hotel brings some of the meatpacking district’s ostentation to the LES. The 2 lower bars all have the same pretentious tone of a hipsters and Guido mashup. BUT, Sundays are what makes this place different and actually really fun. I am talking about the ÉTÉ D’AMOUR dj event every Sunday on the rooftop, which has one of the best views of the city. There is a hot tub and 3 floors. The music is good and although the vibe is trendy, it is certainly not snotty or obnoxious. This place beats Above Allen hands down, by not only having a better crowd, but also a way better view. Note: if the doorman asks you where are you going, just tell him you RSVPd on facebook for the event.…id=97965866853

Doors open at 1pm. Brunch Time from 1pm to 4pm Party goes until 1am.

107 Rivington St, nr. Ludlow St., NY 10002     212-475-2600

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marqueeI am reluctantly including this club in the blog, just like the bouncer pretends to reluctantly let cheesy people in. Marquee isn’t quite the celebrity magnet is still claims to be. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll get in if you are just a group of guys. You still have to dress up and wait in line, bring girls and money. You can get around it by using a promoter (Vero’s List or Celebrity Clubber), which is why I think Marquee, like all the other mega clubs nearby, confuse purchasing power with exclusivity.  Friday nights are supposed to be the best nights. Upstairs has hip hop and downstairs plays your garden-variety techno.

Hours: Tue, 10pm-4am; Wed-Sat, 10:30pm-4am; Sun-Mon, closed

Cover Charge: $20

289 Tenth Ave., nr. 26th St.  10001   646-473-0202

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Happy Ending

happy endingWhat used to be an “erotic” Chinese massage parlor is now one of the funnest clubs/lounges in NYC. The first level is a bar and the basement is more clubby, complete with the old steam rooms that now make excellent smoking or makeout nooks. This place is totally hipster without ever feeling pretentious.  A rare and praiseworthy feat for a club in Manhattan.  Its arty cool vibe almost feels like a Berlin club. There are tons of different events and parties with a cool mix of electro, disco, hip-hop and groove. Plus, the cocktails aren’t bad either. Ich liebe a happy ending!

Tuesdays: FREE Open bar from 11-12

Hours: Tue, 10pm-4am; Wed-Sat, 7pm-4am; Sun-Mon, closed

302 Broome St., nr. Forsythe St., 10002  212-334-9676

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