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Above Allen

1_aboveallen1A new hot spot with all the typical things your would expect: Downtown location, trendy hotel bar, rooftop, and supposed members only BS. Really is that what it takes to be cool? Sadly, enough people seem to think so. Here is what some yelpers had to say:

“I love the idea of lounging on couches upholstered with ’80s designer… and the idea of you (sic) being a members only lounge”

“If i were wearing panties, the view would have made me drop them.” Yeah right, that is if A) you actually had a nice enough ass to show off and B) you actually were there.

Which is what brings me to my point about these places and the people who “love” them. Who are you really kidding? It seems these places exist on the basis of pretentious people who pretend to go to all of them all the time. And really, if you must yelp about it doesn’t it detract from the exclusivity you claim to loooove soooo much? If enough wannabe people say a place is cool does that make it cool? I went to this place, and yeah the view is nice cause there aren’t that many rooftop bars in downtown, but if you have to look at these types of people standing in the way of a clear shot of the Chrysler Building it kind of ruins the view, and the night. You can pay for expensive drinks and get a nice view in plenty of places. Ok, so maybe I sound bitter today. I don’t want to dissuade anyone from checking a place out for themselves. So here is a tip to sneak in: Enter the hotel and head for the bar on the second floor, pretend you are going to the restaurant or grabbing a drink at the 2 floor bar, then go to the elevators and call an elevator. If the bouncer spots you, say you had a A60 member card, but lost it and was in the process of getting a new one. If there’s still uncomfortable silence, elaborate by saying that you go to A60 all the time and hadn’t had a chance to come here and that you just wanted to check it out. That should do it. Oh, and it might help if you are wearing some kind of trendy ridiculous hat.

If you want a better view and a better crowd check out: The Hotel on Rivington Rooftop Bar

Hours: Wed-Sat, 9pm-2am

190 Allen St., nr. Houston St., 10002

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