Brandy Library

g3A small cozy place that holds more than 900 bottles of brandy, including a 1914 Pierre Ferrand cognac that will set you back more than $200 for just one glass. (Shush, it is not polite to shout “jobless recovery” in this library) If that’s too pricey for you, you can settle for one of their 100+ $16 cocktails that are mostly made with, well… you know what. The place seems like a cigar lounge minus the smoke, stench and leniency. They play traditional jazz and on Mondays it’s played live via a piano player. They take their collection very seriously and to prove it, they offer the unapprised some private and pricey tasting classes.

Hours:  Sun-Wed, 5pm-2am; Thu-Sat, 4pm-4am

25 N. Moore St., at Varick St.  New York, NY 10013     212-226-5545

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Filed under designer cocktails, food, Tribeca

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